Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Bentleyville located?
2. What is the cost to visit Bentleyville?
3. Where can I park?
4. Does Bentleyville collect food or toys for the people in need?
5. Is Bentleyville open on holidays?
6. Is Bentleyville handicapped accessible?
7. Will Bentleyville close due to bad weather?
8. How does a child get a free Bentleyville knit hat?
9. Do you sell Bentleyville merchandise?
10. Can we take pictures or video tape the light displays?
11. How should we dress when we visit Bentleyville?
12. How long does it take to go through Bentleyville?
13. Do we need reservations?
14. What are the dates of Bentleyville?
15. When is Santa Claus at Bentleyville?
16. Can I volunteer at Bentleyville?
17. Do you have a Lost and Found?
18. How did Bentleyville start?
19. How is Bentleyville paid for?
20. How much wood does Bentleyville use to keep visitors warm by the fire pits?
21. How do I add a name to Santa's Naughty List or Nice List?
22. Can I bring my pet to Bentleyville?
23. Can I use a stroller at Bentleyville?