Naughty or Nice?


Add Someone to Santa’s Naughty and Nice Lists!

Have you, or someone you know, been Naughty or Nice? You can add a name to Santa’s Naughty List or to his Nice List in two easy steps!

  1. Click the icon to make a donation – $5 for each name you would like to add (For example, if you would like to add three names, then your donation amount will be $15)   DONATE NOW (You will be taken to a secured payment page)*

  2. Enter the name(s), and include the city and state, under the Naughty or Nice section where you would like the name(s) added

Names added to Santa’s Naughty and Nice lists will be posted during the entire duration of our event at Bentleyville near our Fire Pits and the lists will posted Fridays on and at Bentleyville*

*Any names submitted after Wednesday of a given week, will be posted on Friday of the following week at Bentleyville.